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The first car … this is the dream of every Brazilian. I don’t know what it’s like in other families, but in mine it’s like the first car is a sign of a successful working life. I preferred not to go to that until I was sure I wasn’t getting into a robbery.

It is very common for people not to consider all the actual expenses they will have with a car over time. Most of the time the only expense considered is the amount of the installment and perhaps the fuel that can be spent during the month. But beyond these there are other expenses that can compromise the financial future and undermine the stability of the person.

Thinking about how to help you find your first car, here are some tips:

Why buy a car? We know that having a car is among some people’s biggest consumer dreams. It’s like climbing some 20 levels in the game of life. But what is the real need to buy a car ? That should be the question asked before you buy it. The second question is, if it is necessary, is it also urgent? Can you wait a little longer? By answering these questions you can already identify whether or not you will actually buy the car. Remembering that the answer has to be sincere, from you to you.

Choose a limit amount you can afford on the vehicle

Choose a limit amount you can afford on the vehicle



It takes focus. Going out seeing any and every type of car is to make room for mistakes. Ideally, list what you think is important to have in the car and how much you want to pay for it. This way you are limiting the options to prioritize what really interests you. To get closer, pick a few models you like and focus on them. This will improve the quality of your “market research”.

Never finance the total value of the vehicle.

money loan



money loan
Nowadays it is difficult, but it still occurs. Financing the total value of the vehicle is almost a shot in the foot. You end up paying about 3 cars at the end of the financing. The correct is to have an input of 30% or more. This reduces the amount funded, and your pocket will thank you.

Count all your car expenses. The value of the entry is a cost because you gave up this value. Vehicle installments, monthly fuel expenses, IPVA, Mandatory Insurance, Licensing, third party insurance (at least this), preventive maintenance and others. These are expenses that need to be budgeted before buying your car.
With this you can see whether or not the impact of buying the vehicle will hurt your finances. In some cases it is more interesting to continue riding the bus and wait a little longer. In others, buying a car can help cut other expenses. Search. Search hard. Do not enter the first dealership already to buy. Searching before purchase can yield good savings. Another tip is not to limit yourself to your city. Today it is possible to find up to 40% difference in the value of a vehicle when searching in other cities.
Another tip is to haggle before hitting the hammer. It may not give you a car discount, but a stereo or whatever is always welcome, don’t you think?





If you chose to buy your car through financing this tip is also worth it. Not everyone knows, but there are many types of auto credits in Brazil. On our auto finance page you can find the best finance within minutes.

Have someone reliable to evaluate the car

Have someone reliable to evaluate the car



It sounds silly to say that, but the truth is that everyone thinks they understand by car. That’s where the misconceptions and headaches come from. If you are going to buy a used car, have someone who can give you an opinion about the vehicle. A reliable mechanic at these times is a charm of tranquility and success. This helps not only to choose a good car, but to prevent future headaches with emergency maintenance.


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