Africa’s leading manufacturer and licensed exporter of Italian and French antique furniture dealers, Jamila Home has been making inroads for just over a year in Ghana’s capital, Accra. After satisfying its targeted high-end customers with quality antique furniture from its elegant West Legon building, it spawned an equally imposing structureRead More →

Courtesy of the Vancouver Downtown Association website. Getting into Birdhouse Books feels a bit like magic. The Used Bookstore, located in Vancouver’s downtown arts district, specializes in selling used and antique books. Owned by Sarah Summerhill and Lucas Gubala, it is one of Vancouver’s newest businesses. The boutique officially openedRead More →

The property We talk a lot about mixing styles. For us, that’s what makes a modern home, it’s what adds interest, quirk and personality. Bringing together different styles and eras creates eclectic pieces that appeal to you, and the more you look around the space the more it surprises you.Read More →