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An old fashioned look in your home would create an ambiance that feels grounded and nostalgic. Besides being excellent in its design, owning an antique piece of furniture would also make your home look rich with its intricate and one-of-a-kind design. Finding antique furniture in their best shape can be a bit difficult in the market, but pieces like a wall clock or table can be purchased at vintage stores and local vendors. For those who are not in a position to do so, there are also fresh vintage inspired designs in antique furniture that can be purchased online. Here are some models of antique furniture that you can buy online for your home –

Mirrors decorated with intricate details glorify the natural elements of flora and fauna and are one of the most common design elements that make spaces beautiful and exquisite. Exuding opulence with iconic grace, furnishing your home with this mirror would instantly elevate the decorating theme.

Whether you choose to use this mirror as a vanity mirror or just an accessory, this mirror would look great almost anywhere.

Classic and ornate in its appearance, this two-door cabinet (also known as a wardrobe) would be a perfect addition to the entryway or living room where you can display your accessories that make up for your latest tech gadgets. The vintage shape and sculpted details of this wooden shelf is sure to beautify your living space.

This antique piece can also be used as a shelf to display accessories in the hallway, as the blue finish would contrast beautifully with any other color.


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This rustic sideboard would be a very stylish way to display your accessories, books, and even gadgets in a living room. For a bedroom or den, this wardrobe would be a great piece to add a dose of style and nostalgia. Antique hardware would beautifully compensate for lacy upholstery options like curtains and even runners.

Adding bright flowers in glass vases on top of this cabinet is another great way to showcase its rustic color. The cabinet is made from recycled wood and has a distressed look all over its exterior surface.

Combining storage and function is an original idea for small houses. This wooden trunk can double as a coffee table and store all the merchandise you would like to put away from your sight. This trunk is made from Sesham wood.

Combine this wooden trunk with kitsch cushions and rugs to create a gypsy atmosphere in your living room.

What could be more old-school than a dresser? This dresser is made with engineered wood and would make your walk-in closet luxurious and attractive. Another beautiful detail of this wooden chest is the antique gold hardware.

Wood furniture tends to last a long time, so purchasing this antique piece of furniture would be a long term investment that can turn into a heirloom piece.

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