Birdhouse Books offers used antique books in downtown Vancouver

Courtesy of the Vancouver Downtown Association website.

Getting into Birdhouse Books feels a bit like magic. The Used Bookstore, located in Vancouver’s downtown arts district, specializes in selling used and antique books. Owned by Sarah Summerhill and Lucas Gubala, it is one of Vancouver’s newest businesses. The boutique officially opened on June 4th and word has spread throughout the community since then about its diverse selection and warm atmosphere.

The bookstore sells books from all kinds of different genres, ranging from classics, philosophy, poetry, science fiction, thrillers, children’s books and more.

“We aim to circulate books within the community and therefore we accept many donations as well as purchase of books from local sources, such as the library and local antique shops,” Summerhill said.

For those who donate books, Birdhouse Books is offering a 20% discount back. Summerhill said most of their books come this way, but they’ve also been known to buy books at estate sales and sell them in the store.

Summerhill said that because they opened up the back of the pandemic, they didn’t have to make many changes to their business structure. However, due to how the restrictions have changed how businesses operate over the past year and a half, they realized they would need a strong online presence with the ability to sell their products through their site. Web.

“Many of the books from our store are also available through our website,,” Summerhill said.

She said that while online sales haven’t been as strong as in-person sales, having a strong website has helped people find their physical location.

Summerhill is encouraged to see how gracious the community has already been to welcome them. Looking ahead, she said she was excited about the growth of the business.

“The downtown community has been so welcoming and lovely,” she said. “We’re one of the many new businesses downtown, and it looks like people are really excited about Vancouver’s future. We have already made so many connections and partnered with two other downtown businesses. We are constantly developing and getting new books, as well as planning new events. Stay tuned for movie screenings and poetry slams in September.

Birdhouse Books is located at 1001 Main Street in Vancouver.



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