Showcasing items from the Eirfield Art Studio Lodge at The Curragh, artwork from a private collector and contents from a Limerick home are among the lots that went under the digital hammer on February 27. Taking place online at, the complete catalog is available on before the auctionRead More →

From the Continent, there is an antique style of dresser called a weekly. “Semaine” is the French word for “week”, and the weekly contained seven drawers, each containing clothes for a day of the week. Examples of weekdays Furniture designer / builder based in Canada Heidi earnshaw produced a modernRead More →

ULRIKA Jonsson gave her Instagram followers a glimpse of her impressive Instagram heap of countries, which looks like the perfect place to be entertained. The Celebrity Big Brother alum, 51, lives in a beautiful Oxfordshire mansion with her two bulldogs Leo and Nessie and four children. 13 Ulrika Jonsson livesRead More →

Around the world, governments, charities and individuals have launched a wide range of fundraising efforts to ensure that hospitals and doctors have the resources they need to fight the coronavirus. In France, however, fundraising for hospitals will soon come with the unprecedented opportunity to own truly rare and historic furniture.Read More →

Like all of the first ladies who have inhabited the White House in the past, Melania Trump used her distinct taste in interior design to remake parts of the monumental building that were falling apart – something foreign dignitaries will be able to do. be witnesses when they arrive. Friday,Read More →

An old fashioned look in your home would create an ambiance that feels grounded and nostalgic. Besides being excellent in its design, owning an antique piece of furniture would also make your home look rich with its intricate and one-of-a-kind design. Finding antique furniture in their best shape can beRead More →