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Carpenter Hugh Norton was looking for a studio to make guitars when he moved from Montana to north-central Massachusetts 10 years ago.

He had designed a unique electric guitar with a patented body that swivels, moving parts for the pickups.

Guitarists who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome (or were concerned about developing it) found the Norton guitar ideal for fast fretwork. Over the years, guitarists like Rick Nielson and Joe Scarborough (now “Morning Joe”) have played Norton guitars, as has Jellybean (Marilyn Manson).

But with the move from Montana came a career change: expert in furniture restoration. After moving to Massachusetts, Norton began working for Gentle Giant Moving Company.

“I started the furniture restoration business for them,” he said. “One of my first jobs was to restore the marquetry of a Louis XV desk. It took about 300 hours, and the piece should have been in a museum, but it was a private client.

Norton found he had a knack for pulling the soul out of old wood.

“You can’t study to do restoration work. You can’t read a book, you have to do it with your hands, ”he said. “When you fix something that is hundreds of years old, you have to fix it without modifying it in any way. “

But Norton doesn’t just fix expensive antiques.

“Since I was 70,” he laughs, “my main goal has been to be busy, so my rates aren’t exorbitant. I love the challenge of fixing people’s furniture, but I also regard someone’s beloved table or chair as a work of art. I want songs to sing along to.

Hugh Norton is based in Leominster. For more information, call (978) 534-5919 or (978) 956-4428, visit “Woodguyhugh” on Facebook, email [email protected] or visit

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