Jamila Home, Ghana’s antique furniture showroom

Likewise, the luxurious Christian Village showroom features artistically iconic interior and exterior decorations, along with antique furniture, high-end wallpapers, and ceiling patterns.

For more than 20 years, she has worked hard to define luxury for the slimmer. As a luxury and antique house for furnishing, they do this by producing handcrafted, well-designed and functional antique furniture.

Everything from smart home solutions to a wide selection of luxury bedroom furniture, antique living room sets, office suites, dining rooms, mirrors and consoles, display cases, lighting ( Fully tanned and crystallized chandeliers, wall and side lamps), curtains, and more can be found in Jamila Home.

Custom customers know they design and deliver durable, high-quality, limited-edition products. We are proud to deliver French-style masterpieces to you, offering timeless classic craftsmanship with an approach to cater for all tastes with a different collection of the best craftsmen and cabinet makers of the Belle Epoque like François Linke, Jean-Henri Riesener (Marie-Antoinette’s favorite cabinet-maker), Joseph-Emmanuel Zwiener, André Charles Boulle, Charles Crescent, Antoine Gaudreaux, Roger Vander cruse Lacroix, Pierre Antoine Foullet, Gilles Joubert and many others.

They also offer interior and exterior design services, with its quality wood jointed bindings and partition walls, Italian 3D wallpapers, custom POP designs to complement. Our personalization services help to complete the image of creation with our vast collection of more than 1000 French products and masterpieces. Our fountains, statues and taxidermy include all of the quality home accessories we provide.

Jamila Home has become the favorite destination of many due to its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and other unique characteristics.

It is an object that represents an earlier era or period in human history.

Antiques have been highly regarded and cherished for God knows how long for a few centuries now.

At Jamila Home, old products are unique and of high quality; all Jamila Home products are high quality luxury furniture.

Jamila Home products are specially designed in an antique way with 18k gold plated touches.

It is undoubtedly ranked among the best showrooms of antiques and designs grafted on the Continent.

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