Minimalist update on a form of antique furniture: Heidi Earnshaw’s Seven-Day Dresser

From the Continent, there is an antique style of dresser called a weekly. “Semaine” is the French word for “week”, and the weekly contained seven drawers, each containing clothes for a day of the week.

Examples of weekdays

Furniture designer / builder based in Canada Heidi earnshaw produced a modern update on the weekly with her Seven day chest of drawers. Absent are baroque design elements and fancy veneers; Earnshaw, whose style blends Scandinavian, Japanese and Shaker influences, opted for quarter-sawn white oak in a minimalist, open and straight design that still manages to appear soft.

A single spacer on the back prevents racking and is the only evidence of metal fasteners I can see. The rest of the unit appears to be built using traditional carpentry.

A longtime former Toronto resident, Earnshaw is one of the many creative types who have left the city for country living; last year, before the pandemic, “I packed my bags at my home and my studio and moved to a small hamlet in the Ottawa Valley,” she said. writing. “It was a long time dream to live in a rural location and when our studio building on Sterling Road inevitably sold out, the time was right.”

You can see more of Earnshaw’s work here, and I also recommend checking it out Instagram.

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