Mumbai: Looking to restore antique furniture? This store may be the answer

Moorthy’s, mainstays of the antique trade, have now launched Pooranawalla, an online vintage furniture concession that features iconic designs by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The couple explain how collecting, restoring and, above all, appreciating antique furniture is an art that must be preserved.

Antiques are like assets, which must be cared for and maintained

Pooranawalla, Mumbai: a long-standing specialization

Tucked away in a quiet alley in Mumbai’s Tardeo district is Moorthy’s studio, as understated as it is renowned. It is run by Moorthy and his wife Jacinta, one of Mumbai’s most recognized antique dealers for over four decades. Entering the store is leaving the bustling metropolis for a world where adored antiques, from furniture to small art objects, rise in a labyrinth that seems to cross the history of the world.

The Moorthys have been in this business for four decades

Pooranawalla, Bombay: Art object

Moorthy’s have distinguished themselves as one of the few antique furniture restorers in the country. The couple recently launched Pooranawalla, a platform that sells all kinds of vintage and antique pieces. A space at the back of the workshop has been converted into two dedicated showrooms, presenting a variety of styles and eras in a rich and intimate layout. Le Corbusier rattan chairs are seated in front of a piano-shaped blackened teak table; a French travel trunk, stands next to a mahogany planter from the colonial era. Each piece is a moment in history, respected and duly preserved.

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