Original mid-century finds, antique furniture and industrial touches make this seven-bedroom London home a lesson in how to mix styles

The property

We talk a lot about mixing styles. For us, that’s what makes a modern home, it’s what adds interest, quirk and personality. Bringing together different styles and eras creates eclectic pieces that appeal to you, and the more you look around the space the more it surprises you.

And this fabulous Property in West London is a lesson in mixing interior styles – it brings together rustic farmhouse, mid-century modern and traditional elegance, overall aesthetic, and many other looks that don’t squeeze into categories as easily. The result is a beautiful home that feels super stylish but also very lively, it’s a true reflection of the owner’s personal style and proves that things don’t always have to go together to complement each other.

London house exterior

(Image credit: The Modern House)

Open concept kitchen / dining room

Open kitchen with island and blue tiled splashback

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The ground floor of this huge eight-bedroom property is almost completely open-plan, interrupted only by a series of supporting steel pillars and the steel staircase that rises in the middle of the space. These two elements give the room an industrial feel, which creates a very cool contrast to the original features of the house.

Open kitchen with island and blue tiled splashback

(Image credit: The Modern House)

A kitchen, a dining room and a living room fill the large space. The kitchen is the perfect example of the mix of styles we were talking about. It has a very modern feel with the island topped with stainless steel, the retro dresser and the bar stools. But take a closer look and there are also elements of a more rustic country style with the Aga, the traditional blue tiles, and the hanging pot and pan rail.

Stylish cream dining room with modern black chairs

(Image credit: The Modern House)

From the kitchen a spacious dining area is located in front of the large picture window. The soft gray of the walls gives the space a sleek, elevated feel that works well with high ceilings and ornate ceilings. But as with every room in this home, there is a modern touch with the curved dining table that mirrors the kitchen island and the sculptural dark dining chairs.

Beige dining room with modern dining chairs

(Image credit: The Modern House)

A rustic living room is located opposite the kitchen which provides an informal space to relax in the main living room. The flamed white sofa gives a soft farmhouse feel to this otherwise very contemporary industrial space.

Open living room with staircase

(Image credit: The Modern House)


Open concept hallway with large windows

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The center of the open plan space is punctuated by a section of double height glazing, with seamless sliding doors opening onto a veranda. These windows allow light to flood the back of the house, as well as the basement studio below which is accessed through a hatch hidden in the ground.

Big window

(Image credit: The Modern House)

To study

Bookcase with wall of books

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The office is also on the ground floor. The aubergine walls, the expanse of books and antique furniture have a very different feel to the light and airy space that makes up the rest of the ground floor, but the atmosphere created by the dark hues and traditional shapes is perfect for a moody home office.


Rustic pink and orange living room

(Image credit: The Modern House)

A more comfortable and more intimate living room is on the first floor. The dark pink and warm orange walls give this room a cocooning spirit, enhanced only by the dark wood furniture, the sofa with floral prints and touches of tartan. The unique decor brings a bohemian vibe to the space, giving the room an eclectic and layered look.

Second floor landing

Colorful pink, yellow and green corridor

(Image credit: The Modern House)

More color can be found on the second floor landing, of which four of the eight bedrooms are located. Pinks and yellows meet sage greens that lead to the pale blue master bedroom. The rugs reflect these colors and also bring texture to the space.

Master bedroom

White bedroom with black headboard and chandelier

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The master bedroom is light and airy with a white and pale blue color scheme. Rustic elements are added to the artwork, chandelier and dresser.

White bedroom with black headboard and mirrored side table

(Image credit: The Modern House)

A black leather headboard and mirrored nightstand add modern furnishings to the room.

Light blue bedroom with gallery wall and fireplace

(Image credit: The Modern House)

Guest room

Yellow and green room

(Image credit: The Modern House)

In one of the guest rooms, the deep ocher walls blend with olive green to create a cozy and inviting space.

Family bathroom

Pale blue bathroom with freestanding bathtub

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The eclectic style continues in the family bathroom, where vintage finds and original artwork are combined with a traditional roll-top tub.

Guest bathroom

Small yellow tiled bathroom

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The same deep yellows and greens that are found in the guest bedroom are also found in the small bathroom on the top floor. The simple square tiles and clean, square shapes of the sanitary ware contrast with the original radiator and vintage vanity.


Aerial view of urban garden

(Image credit: The Modern House)

The large urban garden is both landscaped and natural. There are light areas in the space, with a patio closest to the house for alfresco dining, a lawn behind and a second patio hidden towards the end of the garden. The very natural planting and the winding paths give less structure to the space and give the garden an endless feel.

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