rupsha: Antique furniture store owner stars in Rupsha director Guha | Bengali Cinema News

Actress Rupsha Guha has completed filming her second movie titled How Are You Feroz?. “We started shooting the movie from January 8 and finished it on January 15. We were worried about the third wave but luckily we were able to finish the movie without anyone being affected by the virus. The dubbing hasn’t been done yet,” Rupsha said. thinks twice before selling anything to a customer. What happens to Feroz later is the subject of the open film. I wanted a professional actor to play the character of Feroz but couldn’t find one. More later I chose Schiraaz Tangsalwala, the owner of an antique furniture store who inspired me to write the story. It was very difficult to shoot with a non-actor like him but he managed and played the character well Kheya Chattopadhyay plays a central character in this film Why didn’t she play a character in this movie, we asked Rupsha. “It’s very difficult to direct and act at the same time. It was an overwhelming experience to make this film,” the actress said.

Rupsha has just completed Ashoke Viswanathan’s short film based on William Shakespeare. “I will soon start working with Ashoke da on a staging,” said the actress who plays an important character in the Mithai series.

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