Sydney Sweeney has an unexpected love for antique furniture and cars

It is unlikely, if not impossible, that Sydney Sweeney Euphoria Cassie Howard’s character would be familiar with the transmission of a 1969 Ford Bronco or would be an expert at finding really good antique furniture. But, as the 24-year-old rising star has revealed in numerous interviews, Sweeney doesn’t look much like the teenager she plays in HBO’s hit drama. On the one hand, Sweeney was top of his high school class and said Magazine C that she has never used drugs. On the other hand, his aesthetic sensibility is decidedly mature, according to a new interview with British QG.

In the article, Sweeney talks about the five-bedroom, four-bathroom Tudor-inspired home in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles that she recently purchased for $3 million. She calls the 1933-built residence, which includes a funicular, her “Snow White’s castle” and reveals big renovation plans for the 3,200-square-foot pad, including adding a swimming pool and a glamorous room. Inside, she has already started decorating with faded blue floral wallpaper. “I bought an older house,” Sweeney told the publication. “I like antique furniture.”

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Then there’s his TikTok. Sweeney’s entire account (her handle is @syds_garage) is devoted to videos of her restoring a 1969 Ford Bronco. In her most recent video, which she shared on January 14, Sweeney said actually got to take the classic car for a spin and wrote that she would send it in soon to be reupholstered. “I changed the transmission and fixed the front and rear axles from drum brakes to disc brakes,” the Washington state native said. QG. “I did power steering; everything to make it a safe, yet still classic, everyday ride. We hope she considers documenting her home improvement journey in the same way.

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