The property We talk a lot about mixing styles. For us, that’s what makes a modern home, it’s what adds interest, quirk and personality. Bringing together different styles and eras creates eclectic pieces that appeal to you, and the more you look around the space the more it surprises you.Read More →

An old fashioned look in your home would create an ambiance that feels grounded and nostalgic. Besides being excellent in its design, owning an antique piece of furniture would also make your home look rich with its intricate and one-of-a-kind design. Finding antique furniture in their best shape can beRead More →

Qing dynasty blue and white pot Owning the work of a master of modern or contemporary art, fine jewelry, antique furniture, ceramics and porcelain, luxury watches and rare works of art has become easier thanks to Leonexchange, the digital auction platform of the leading auction house León Gallery. To openRead More →

Laura Chester November 19, 2019 British Association of Antique Furniture Restorers The British Association of Antique Furniture Restorers (BAFRA) has welcomed two new members and appointed a new president. Clive Payne succeeded Jim Broughton after two years at the helm. Assuming the role of president of the association founded inRead More →

Practical, stylish and often surprisingly affordable, antique furniture remains a popular area for both collectors and buyers looking to furnish their homes. The fact that antique furniture is also a “green” option compared to buying a modern flat cabinet has also drawn additional attention to the region. A key componentRead More →

Moorthy’s, mainstays of the antique trade, have now launched Pooranawalla, an online vintage furniture concession that features iconic designs by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The couple explain how collecting, restoring and, above all, appreciating antique furniture is an art that must be preserved. Antiques are like assets, which mustRead More →

CHICAGO – The city of Chicago is home to many specialty businesses, but few businesses are as specialized as Bernacki & Associates, Inc. Founded by owner Stan Bernacki on July 4, 1988, the company focuses on the restoration and conservation of fine antique furniture, upholstery, artwork, clocks, artefacts, sculptures, pictureRead More →

The South African Antique, Art and Design Association will be holding their annual fair from November 10-12 at the Killarney Country Club. The show, now in its 54th year, will host 15 local and international exhibitors. Paul Mrkusic, the association’s CEO, said not all exhibits were strictly antiques, as thereRead More →