The Leonexchange online auction offers works of masters, antique furniture, rare works of art

Qing dynasty blue and white pot

Owning the work of a master of modern or contemporary art, fine jewelry, antique furniture, ceramics and porcelain, luxury watches and rare works of art has become easier thanks to Leonexchange, the digital auction platform of the leading auction house León Gallery.

To open the new year, Leon will be holding its Leonexchange online auction from January 18 to 19.

The 2020 opening auction showcases a plentiful supply of unique pieces that will have both longtime collectors and first-time buyers trying to outbid each other on an equal footing – the digital space.

For beginner collectors wishing to have a work by the national artist Vicente Manansala, Leonexchange offers a charcoal “Nude” on master’s paper, signed and dated 1975. “Full of sensuality, the cadence of this naked woman emanates a powerful sensation. bodily. Says the catalog. “Manansala attains an unusual force of light and shadow.”

Auction also offers a work by modernist master Oscar Zalameda: an untitled abstract oil on paper (13.5 x 19 inches).

“Masterfully executed in cerulean blue, this untitled piece is a perfect New Year’s item because it matches the new Pantone color of the year 2020,” the catalog says.

Qing Dynasty Pukaw Jar and Lid

For lovers of antique furniture, Leonexchange offers the Art Nouveau Jose Fabella bed, an early 19th century four-poster bed (82 “x 52” x 58 “). The catalog calls it” a rare statement of its time “. Fabella was the first director of the public health office (now the Ministry of Health).

For cartography enthusiasts, or for those who wish to start a map collection, there are printed reproductions of several important maps, such as the Murillo Velarde map from 1734 and the John Bach map from 1934. There are also engraving maps. to bid. George Anson’s “Channel Map in the Philippine Islands through which the Manila Galleon Passes” dated 1740 will also be auctioned.

Private postcards stamped from the end of the 19th century will be auctioned. Included are very rare postcards showing the Capuchin Convent in Pasay and the fort and powder magazine at Fort Antonio Abad, with the portrait of General Merritt, postmarked 1898.

Among the figurative expressionist masters, Onib Olmedo occupies a special place for his works “magnificently grotesque and grotesquely beautiful”. Up for auction, works showing marginalized members of Filipino society, residents of Sampaloc and Ermita, Manila’s red light and entertainment district.

Rolex Submariner Red 1680 with Bracelet Circa 1974

“Olmedo taps into the dark, dramatic realms of a fantasy nightmare in a figurative-expressionist way focused on creating forms full of depth and meaning to portray the inner turmoil experienced by modern man,” the catalog explains.

Unlike those of Olmedo, the works of abstract expressionist Edwin Wilwayco, whose three series of oil paintings on canvas and wood, “Homage to the Trinity”, evoke the Trinitarian God of effervescent beauty and transcendence.

Meanwhile, Angelito Antonio shows his own brand of cubism in “Candle Vendor”, signed and dated 1989. The 18 “x 24” oil on canvas work shows his development of pure tones, in this case black and white , which reveal, according to the catalog, “both a rebellion against all conventions and a questioning of the art of painting”. A student from Manansala at the University of Santo Tomas, Antonio painted folk themes in the Cubist idiom.

3 carat diamond ring in the shape of a heart

Other important works of art are those of Ramon Orlina, Romulo Olazo, Mauro Malang Santos, Ronald Ventura, Paco Gorospe, Nena Saguil, Jose Joya, Araceli Limcaco-Dans and Prudencio Lamarroza.

The preview will take place Jan. 15-17, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., at La Fuerza Plaza, Makati City.

Vintage Philippines Map
Canopy Bed Early 19th Century
“Homage to the Trinity” by Wilwayco
Aparador “His and Hers” from the 1920s in narra

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